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Easy Peasy Piano Lessons - Udemy Style


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Learn How to Play Keyboard with

Our Easy Peasy Piano Lessons!


You may have heard of Udemy. It is a huge learning platform that provides top quality courses to learn things. Many things, such as HTML coding, Image editing, Music, and much more. If you hear reference to Udemy in the tutorials, see the explanation at the bottom for more info.*

 The tutorials in our course have not been published anywhere else before this, they were created for us privately, and are Unlisted. An intro to our Easy Peasy Piano Course is available here and on YouTube, as well as Lesson One. This allows you to get an idea of what you can expect from this course.


Easy Peasy Piano Lessons


There are eight lessons in the Easy Peasy Piano Course: Lesson One is free. Lessons Two through Eight will be available upon purchase. Purchase Options are via Paypal, completely secure and trusted. Paypal also offers payment options through cards if anyone does not have a Paypal account.


Easy Peasy Piano Lessons Intro: 




Lesson One: Learn to Name the Piano Notes:



Lesson Two: Why Learning Piano By Ear is Easier

Lesson Three: How to Play Piano Chord Progressions

Lesson Four: Learn Bass Notes on Piano

Lesson Five: How to Juice Up Piano Chords

Lesson Six: Learning the Bluesy 7th on Piano

Lesson Seven: Learn How to Play 'Love Me Tender'

Lesson Eight: Learn How to Play 'Amazing Grace'


For a one-time payment of $29.99,

you will get access to all eight videos.


Click BUY NOW Button Below:











*Explanation: We originally had this course, Easy Peasy Piano Lessons, created to publish on Udemy. Only top-quality courses get published on Udemy. Our course was created within their requirements, making it a clear, good quality format of tutorials. Due to personal preference, we decided to publish them on our own, rather than on Udemy. We have much more control over what happens to our course if we keep all the rights, rather than allowing a third party to take over.



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