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August 2011

How to Play Old MacDonald on Keyboard and Piano

      Learn How to Play Old MacDonald   Had a Farm on Your Keyboard or Piano   Have fun watching and learning with these music videos! My daughter is four, and she is just starting to play a bit of music on my keyboard. She is learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Almost has it right!  But helping her learn how to play Old MacDonald will be a bit more advanced. The best way to let your child learn is to let them go at their own pace, when they are ready and show interest. Not every child is musically inclined or talented. So do not push them to learn how

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Where Did Music Come From And What Is It?

  What is Music and Where Did it First Begin?   You might not be much of a history person, and neither am I. But if you really love music, you will find this interesting. As I was thinking about music, and what I wanted to write about today, I started wandering what the dictionary actually used as a definition for music.   This is what I discovered:    mu-sic  (myoo' zik)  Noun 1. the art of combining tones to form expressive compositions 2.

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Learn How to Play Keyboard Online - Tips and Pointers

    Here are Tips and Pointers on How to Play Keyboard Online Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to learn how to play keyboard online. Maybe you love music, and simply want to learn to play songs for fun. Or perhaps you have always admired anyone who was able to play a musical instrument, and wished you could play one as well. Choosing the keyboard or piano is a wise choice, since it is relatively easy to learn if you have a basic knowledge of music. Perhaps you

How to play keyboard....

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