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If you've ever had an interest in making your own beats, but thought it too difficult, the MegaMusicMaker, online beat maker can help you! Download the software, watch all the helpful tutorials, and you will be making your own custom beats in no time! This is an excellent alternative to the pricey DUB Turbo.



Some Common Questions about this online beat maker:

What is MegaMusicMaker?

MegaMusicMaker is an incredible cutting edge music sequencer with MP3 export capability. It also features music production tutorials with different keyboards, studios as well as tutorials on how to use the application.

All this is available online through the "members area" and contains everything including the software, sounds and the system of video lessons and documentation.

Will MegaMusicMaker work on my computer?

Yes. MegaMusicMaker works on all computers and operating systems. It does not matter if you have a PC, Mac or other platform. If you have any troubles using the sequencer, drum machine, playing videos or entering the members area, simply send my staff an email and we will be glad to help out right away!


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